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Hair Fibers - Top Tips

Before Applying Keratin Hair Fibers We recommend you read our top tips to maximise results.
If your having trouble using the fibers, please read these tips:
  • Using fibers for the first time? Do not expect it to look perfect. Using hair fibers takes practice to get perfect results.
  • we recommend beginners do not apply fibers to heavily.
  • Your hair needs to be totally dry.
  • Avoid using styling products that leave your hair wet or oily
  • Not applying fibers in a humid room, Sometimes if the fibers are applied right after a shower, the room can have a very high humidity causing the hair fibers to become damp.
  • Not applying to much hair spray at once or if the hair spray appears to wet, try using another hair spray.
  • Applying to many hair fibers. Sometimes using less hair fibers can give better results. Applying to many hair fibers can make your hair look unnatural. Try applying less fibers.
  • Some bottles have larger holes in the sifter than others. The fibers may becoming out to fast and preventing them from breaking up properly.
  • Once fibers have been applied, do not comb or brush your hair. The fibers will come out, we recommend placing the hair with your hands.
  • you must shake the bottle to disperse the fibers onto your hair. Shaking the bottle is what breaks the fibers up
  • During delivery/shipping, the fibers can become compact. If so you may need to pull them apart.
  •  Using old hair spray with a nozzle problem can cause the hair spray to come out unevenly and cause the fibers to clump.
  • Oily hair prevents the fibers from adhering properly. We recommend shampooing and letting your hair dry before applying the fibers. If hair is to oily the fibers can adhere to them selves and clump.