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Instructions For Hair Fibers

For best results we reccommend following these directions
  • Apply to clean and product free hair
  • Make sure hair is dry
  • Place a towel around your neck to cover clothing
  • Style your hair (without products)
  • Place the Hairline Optimiser into the front of your hair
  • Hover the applicator bottle 3-4" above your head at 45 degrees
  • Gently shake the product onto your hair using an applicator bottle
  • You can if necessary adjust your hair with the product on
  • Fix in position using hair spray
  • Remove towel
  • This product washes out easily with warm water and shampoo
This process will take around 2 minutes.
You can apply the fibers to only the thinning areas, but we recommend applying more evenly for a better colour match
In heavy rain fall the hair fibers can fall loose. This is why we recommend using a light strength hair spray.