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FAQ for Hair Fibers


Q.     What colour should I buy?

A.     If your unsure what colour you need please buy the sample. Want to try more than 1 colour, leave a sellers note we will send the other sample for free. If you are unsure you can contact us for advise. We are here to help.

Q.     Will this product work for me?

A.     Hair fibers are a great way to cover up thinning hair. They work by adhering to your existing hair. This means you must have  a small amount of hair for the fibers to work.

Q.     Do they fall out in the rain?

A.     If you use strong hair spray the fibers will not fall out in the rain, providing you don't keep touching them.

Q.     Do they last overnight?

A.     Fibers work differently depending on what hairspray you use, and how restless you are in your sleep. Usually if you use hairspray the fibers will stay in overnight, some may come off where your head rubs on the pillow. The best way to find out it to try it, within the comforts of your own home.

Q.     I have used other fibers before are these the same.

A.     All manufactures have different shades for the same name of colour, so its possible that the colour may be different. Different manufactures use different ingredients. If they are the same ingredients, they are very likely to work the same on your hair, as the other fibers. If the ingredients are different, then the fibers may work differently. some fibers work better for others.  If you are unsure please buy the sample.

Q.     The fibers are not bonding to my hair correctly or falling into clumps.

A.     If this happens there are many reasons for this, the most common is moisture, wet, damp or oily hair. It is possible that your hair is just to oily for the product to work even after shampooing, this is why if you are new to fibers, you should buy the sample or trial pack.

For more tips please see our Top Tips page

Q.      Do you offer a money back guarantee

A.     We offer a money back guarantee on our samples and trials. 1 sample and 1 trial per customer. If you purchase 100g and decided you do not like the item, you will NOT receive a full refund.

We can not resell the product. We will never send you returned products from other customers. The reason for this is contamination, if the product has been tampered with we can not guarantee that the product has not been contaminated. For this reason it can not be resold.

This does not effect your satisfactory rights. We are simply saying buy a sample, if you are new to fibers with these ingredients.

3g Samples are £1 and with delivery.