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Hairline Touch Up Powder With Puff Applicator by KaiRX

  • $13.00

Hairline Powder is designed to colour in bald spots of the hairline to give the effect of thicker hair. Works best with medium to long hair.

It can be applied directly to the skin to disguise the shine of A bald spot. Used on the hair directly, it hides roots or grey hair, whilst adding volume and texture. You will need to use hair spray to prevent the product running in sweat or rain.

  • Disguises bald spots
  • Thickens hair partings
  • Touch up roots from dyed hair
  • Makes less mess than hair fibers
  • Can be used with hair products (trial and error applies)
  • Can be combed
  • Can be used with hair fibers
  • Comes combined with an applicator and small mirror
  • Around 1 month supply

In our experience we find the following instructions to be the most successful.


  • Apply to clean and product free hair
  • Make sure hair is dry (important)
  • Approximately style/comb your hair (without products)
  • Rub the puff applicator onto the powder.
  • Apply directly to hair or balding spots, working in and adding more as needed.
  • Hair can be adjust with the product on
  • If you use hair fibers now is the time to apply them.
  • Remove any excess product with a dry towel. (avoid using a wet towel)
  • Fix in position using hair spray
  • This product washes out easily with warm water and shampoo

With good hair spray the product will not run even in the swimming pool.  This product is great and highly rated by us. Please always test the limits of the product and the hair spray used in the comforts of your own home to avoid embarrassment.

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